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Wywiad z Peterem Molyneux'em

Wywiad z Peterem Molyneux'em

Data opublikowania: 08.08.2006, 09:08
W serwisie SPOnG ukazał się wywiad z Peterem Molyneuxem - twórcą Fable dotyczący Fable 2. W rozwinięciu znajdziecie fragment i link.
You may not be able to give us any details of Fable 2, but you must have goals dictating what you want to achieve with it, compared to the first Fable?

Yes, there is a list of things that we did wrong in Fable. In fact there are three lists that we made when we sat down with Fable 2: the things that we did that are atrociously wrong, the things that we did but had to throw away because either there wasn't enough time or they didn't fit, and the things we wanted to introduce that are new. The things that we did wrong include: the simulation kind of wasn't complete enough - it didn't have the impact that we wanted it to have; the mechanics were good, but could be better; stupid little things like the sneaking - you had to sneak by clicking and holding, which was exhausting.

There's a list of things like that - some of them are big things, and some are just really simple little things. So the approach that we took was to go down that list and say: "OK, we'll do this, this and this." Not only the things we promised, which people thought they were going to see in Fable... There is, for example, the classic acorn growing into an oak tree, that I mentioned in an interview some time and everyone latched on to. As merchandising, I'd love to give away grow-your-own Fable oak trees. So there is going to be a very tongue-in-cheek moment about acorns growing into trees. But there was a list of those things, some of which are things that maybe you wouldn't initially think of. For instance, I didn't really feel it was possible to, for example, play the whole game without using any magic, or to play a game as a swordsman, so you'd feel like a real swordsman. And obviously, there's a new story.



Strefa RPG, 25.08.2006, 16:18
A może przetłumaczycie? Bo mi się nie chce :P

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