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Two Worlds - Pierwsze wrażenia

Two Worlds - Pierwsze wrażenia

Data opublikowania: 26.01.2007, 10:38
W serwisie GameSpot ukazał się artykuł przedstawiający pierwsze wrażenia z rozgrywki z nadchodzącej gry pod tytułem Two Worlds. W rozwinięciu znajdziecie fragment artykułu i link do całości.
You could argue that games like The Elder Scrolls and the Gothic series helped popularize open-ended role-playing games, which take place in a sprawling 3D world. Whatever the case, the genre is set to grow even bigger with Two Worlds, the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 role-playing game from publisher SouthPeak Interactive and developer Reality Pump. This new game will put you in the shoes of an average adventurer who discovers that he is perhaps destined for greatness. This may sound like familiar ground, but Two Worlds will offer some interesting new features that will set it apart from other games out there.

In the game, you'll play as a mercenary adventurer in a fantasy world where humans coexist with dwarves, orcs, and other fantasy races. At the beginning, you're drafted in an expedition to a dwarf mine. But your party is ambushed and your sister, who was also part of the group, is kidnapped. As it turns out, the mine is the gravesite of a dead god, and the race is on to tap the hidden powers buried inside. And somehow, your character is discovered to be one of the few beings in the world with the ability to unlock those powers. As such, you'll spend much of your career in the game not only fighting off angry monsters, but also dealing with powerful figures in the world who may seek to manipulate your abilities or prevent you from using them entirely.



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