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Recenzja na

Data opublikowania: 27.11.2006, 16:24
Na stronie Hookedgamers ukazała się recenzja Neverwinter Nights 2. Warto zwrócić na nią uwagę, ponieważ gra została bardzo pozytywnie oceniona. Recenzje znajdziecie tutaj, a w rozwinięciu fragement.
It is incredibly difficult to explain why this game is so great without spoiling it. Sweeping, dramatic encounters later in the game are burned into my memory; Chapters 2 and 3 contain some of the best game material I have ever had the privilege to play. The actions of party members, guided by how you treat them, are even sweeter when they stand beside you � or bitter when they betray you. Only two things keep Neverwinter Nights 2 from being a �perfect� RPG in my mind � pacing issues with the first Chapter, and some technical bugs and difficulties (many of which have already been addressed in patches). There is also a minor issue with a few artistic images being displayed instead of cut-scenes, but that is perhaps personal preference. To further illustrate how much I enjoyed this game, let me share with you this one little tidbit: Xfire has recorded me playing the game for 83 hours, and I have only played the campaign portion. From what I have experienced of the toolset, it is even more powerful than the one included with the original Neverwinter Nights � I fully expect to see at least as much player-made content for Neverwinter Nights 2. Czytaj dalej...


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