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Wywiad z Peterem Molyneuxem

Wywiad z Peterem Molyneuxem

Data opublikowania: 31.08.2009, 12:16
Tagi: peter molyneux, fable, fable 3, wywiad, lionhead

Redaktorzy australijskiego serwisu IGN opublikowali wywiad z Peterem Molyneuxem, który przeprowadzili podczas niedawno zakończonych targów GamesCom. W wywiadzie mowa jest przede wszystkim o planach co do Fable III, projekcie Nathal i prezentacji Milo.

IGN AU: Well, you tell me what your thoughts are on that. Is it a progressive, building-blocks process?

Peter Molyneux: That's very interesting. We're plagued by this idiotic—well, it's not an idiotic line, I still stand by it—this line that I said back in Fable 1 – 'we want to make the greatest role-playing game of all time'. And I mean that – and I mean that about anything we do. And quite often at Lionhead, I'll say 'look – why are we doing this shit, man? We're not doing this to make the fourth or fifth best role-playing game of all time – we need to make the first.

A lot of what makes a great game is the polish and the refinement and the balance; with Fable 1, there were a few things that were short of the mark there, and with Fable II – if I were to mark things and be fairly harsh – I'd give the 'breadcrumb trail' high eights and nines, maybe I'd give some of the iterative cutscenes a three or a four. And we could just concentrate on Fable III and just polishing these. ...And maybe then, it'd be the greatest game of all time. But that's not what people should expect from Lionhead. For me and for people who love working at Lionhead, it is [about] just questioning things that maybe other people don't question about life.

In Fable III, the very story says 'right—why is it there's this formula in both film and games that you start here and you're a little nobody here, and you get more powerful and you hear about a bad guy here... and by the end of the game, you defeat the bad guy; credits roll.

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