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Wywiad i Recenzja Silverfall

Wywiad i Recenzja Silverfall

Data opublikowania: 19.03.2007, 19:09
Na stronie możemy przeczytać wywiad związany z grą Silverfall. Znajdziecie go tutaj oraz fragment w rozwinięciu.
Ponadto na stronie została zamieszczona recenzja Silverfall. Gra została oceniona średnio, mimo że nie zachwyca, nie jest też porażką. Recenzje przeczytacie tutaj. The game's graphics are extremely detailed, especially the water reflections. The game certainly put my high end machine to work. Is there any concern that the "average" gaming machine might not be up to snuff?

Jehanne Rousseau: Actually, I don't think there are too many modern games that don't attempt to take full advantage of modern hardware. With a lower-end PC, you might have to turn off the water reflections or to reduce the detail level of textures and so on, but the game will stay very beautiful and immersive in medium quality, and in low quality setting the game will be visually a bit less impressive, but still playable, which is after all the most important thing! Silverfall runs rather well on low quality but I recommend checking the minimum specifications to see if your PC will be able to handle the game. Silverfall seemed particularly difficult in the early levels.I found it very easy to get killed. Was the intent to provide a more challenging experience compared to other similar games?

Jehanne Rousseau: Generally, we wanted to present a certain number of small challenges to the player, renewing the hack-and-slash experience a bit, so that the game is not just a cakewalk in which you have to collect items and which only gets serious in hardcore mode. However, I've still met players who find even the basic mode, and even at the beginning, easy, but I think that most people will find it just challenging enough to continue, while actually being challenged throughout.

Więcej przeczytacie tutaj.


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