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Jade Empire: pierwsze wrażenia i recenzja

Jade Empire: pierwsze wrażenia i recenzja

Data opublikowania: 25.02.2007, 20:21
Niedawno w sieci pojawiły się dwa artykuły o Jade Empire. Mianowicie są to pierwsze wrażenia z gry opublikowane w serwisie Jolt i recenzja gry na GameSpot. W rozwinięciu znajdziecie fragmenty i linki do całości.
Yet Jade Empire: Special Edition is a very good game with a lot to offer those who haven't glimpsed the beauty of its world. From start to finish, the enhanced graphics rarely fail to impress, thanks to lush landscapes and unusual and fascinating character designs. Your journey takes you from a martial arts school, to spirit-infested ruins, to the blue-tinged afterlife itself, and it's easy to get swept up in the artistry of such fantastical places. Blocky character models and washed-out textures may occasionally catch your eye, and you wouldn't use Jade Empire to test the limits of your fancy graphics card. Still, the game is colorful and full of life, and it runs amazingly well, without the occasional frame rate hiccups and long load times of the Xbox version.

> Recenzja @GameSpot

Some improvements have been made for the PC version, higher-resolution visuals aside. The AI has received a number of tweaks to make the combat more challenging and this is complemented by new fighting techniques and enemies not seen on the Xbox version. But video options are sparse and no amount of bloom effect is going to mask all the occasionally conservative backdrops and lower resolution textures that remain from the game’s previous incarnation.

> Pierwsze wrażenia @Jolt


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