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Fable 2 na Xbox360

Fable 2 na Xbox360

Data opublikowania: 10.05.2006, 18:52
Serwis GameSpot opublikował krótki artykuł na temat Fable 2 napisany na podstawie trailera.

LOS ANGELES--Mere minutes after debuting at Microsoft's pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference, the Fable 2 teaser trailer has been released to the general public. The trailer starts with a tracking shot of a glowing wisp as it flies over a nearly photo-realistic forest. The camera follows as the wisp weaves between trees, passing some crumbled, ancient architecture, eventually finding a hooded woman standing in front of a huge tree who is holding one of those paper flower fortune-telling things from grade school in front of her, though instead of having the names of classmates you have a crush on, it is covered with some cryptic-looking symbols.
Wow, exciting stuff at E3 so far.

Trailer możecie ściągnąć w serwisie Worthplaying, spod tego linka.

> Trailer @ Worthplaying
> Artykuł @ GameSpot


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